30 April 2014 Accurate and real-time depth video acquisition using Kinect–stereo camera fusion
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This paper presents a Kinect–stereo camera fusion system that significantly improves the accuracy of depth map acquisition. The typical Kinect depth map suffers from missing depth values and errors, resulting from a single Kinect input. To ameliorate such problems, the proposed system couples a Kinect with a stereo RGB camera to provide an additional disparity map. Kinect depth map and the disparity map are efficiently fused in real time by exploiting a spatiotemporal Markov random field framework on a graphics processing unit. An efficient temporal data cost is proposed to maintain the temporal coherency between frames. We demonstrate the performance of the proposed system on challenging real-world examples. Experimental results confirm that the proposed system is robust and accurate in depth video acquisition.
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Williem Williem, Yu-Wing Tai, In Kyu Park, "Accurate and real-time depth video acquisition using Kinect–stereo camera fusion," Optical Engineering 53(4), 043110 (30 April 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.4.043110 . Submission:

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