11 April 2014 Double-slit interference of radially polarized vortex beams
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Both radially polarized (RP) and radially polarized vortex (RPV) beams are generated by an experimental setup with one phase-only liquid crystal spatial light modulator which efficiently modulates the phase retardation distributions of input beam by twice reflections. The polarizing properties and double-slit interference of both RP and RPV beams are investigated in detail. Misplacement and tilt appear in double-slit interference fringes of both RP beams and RPV beams in simulations and experiments. The fringe tilt number F in the intermediate region is proportional to the topological charge l of RPV beams with the approximate relation Fs(l)=0.8125l in simulations and Fe(l)=0.8182l in experiments. The double-slit interference method can be utilized to determine and analyze the topological charge of the beams.
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Junli Qi, Junli Qi, Weihua Wang, Weihua Wang, Xiujian Li, Xiujian Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Wenchao Sun, Wenchao Sun, Jiali Liao, Jiali Liao, Yongming Nie, Yongming Nie, "Double-slit interference of radially polarized vortex beams," Optical Engineering 53(4), 044107 (11 April 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.4.044107 . Submission:

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