3 June 2014 Diode-side-pumped actively Q-switched Nd:YAP/YVO4 multi-Watt first-Stokes laser
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Optical Engineering, 53(6), 065101 (2014). doi:10.1117/1.OE.53.6.065101
A diode-side-pumped actively Q-switched first-Stokes eye-safe laser with a Nd:YAP/YVO 4 crystal is reported. Under the pump power of 250 W, a stable Raman laser at 1525 nm with an average output power of 4.5 W and pulse width of 60 ns at the pulse repetition frequency of 4.5 kHz is achieved. Another laser crystal Nd:YAG is used to carry out the contrast experiment. The output performances of these two lasers are measured and compared. The result reveals that the first-stokes Raman laser generated by the Nd:YAP/YVO 4 crystal has a lower power threshold and higher Raman conversion efficiency because of the large value of the stimulated emission cross section and the fluorescence lifetime at 1342 nm of the Nd: YAP crystal.
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Yumeng Liu, Siqi Zhu, Hao Yin, Anming Li, Yonghua Wu, Zhenqiang Chen, Ge Zhang, Kang Su, "Diode-side-pumped actively Q-switched Nd:YAP/YVO4 multi-Watt first-Stokes laser," Optical Engineering 53(6), 065101 (3 June 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.6.065101

Raman spectroscopy



Laser crystals

Semiconductor lasers

Q switched lasers

Nd:YAG lasers


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