11 September 2014 Detection of infrared stealth aircraft through their multispectral signatures
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A concise band selection method employing multispectral signatures of stealth aircraft whose infrared radiation was remarkably reduced was proposed for precise target detection. The key step was to select two or more optimal bands which could clearly signify the radiation difference between the target and its background. The principle of preliminary selection was based on the differences of radiation characteristics for the two main constituents of the aircraft’s plume gas, i.e., CO2 and H2O . Two narrow bands of 2.86 to 3.3 and 4.17 to 4.55  μm were finally selected after detailed analyses on contrast characteristics between the target and background. Also, the stability of the selected bands was tested under varying environments. Further simulations and calculations demonstrated that the multispectral detection method utilizing the two selected narrow bands could markedly improve the essential performances of target detection systems and increase their achievable detection distance. The stability of the aircraft’s multispectral signatures enabled this target detection method to achieve excellent results.
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Fei Liu, Fei Liu, Xiaopeng Shao, Xiaopeng Shao, Pingli Han, Pingli Han, Bin Xiangli, Bin Xiangli, Cui Yang, Cui Yang, } "Detection of infrared stealth aircraft through their multispectral signatures," Optical Engineering 53(9), 094101 (11 September 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.9.094101 . Submission:

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