9 October 2015 Characterization and luminescence properties of Sr3Gd(PO4)3:  Sm3+ orange–red phosphor
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Reddish-orange emitting phosphors, Sr3Gd(PO4)3:  Sm3+, were successfully synthesized by a conventional solid-state reaction. The crystal structure of the phosphors was characterized by x-ray diffraction. The excitation spectra and emission spectra were utilized to characterize the luminescence properties of the as-prepared phosphors. The results show that the phosphor consisted of some sharp emission peaks of Sm3+ ions centered at 564, 600, 647, and 707 nm, respectively. The critical distance of Sr3Gd0.93(PO4)3: 0.07Sm3+ was calculated to be 19.18   and the lifetime value of the sample was 1.63 ms. The band gap of Sr3Gd(PO4)3 was estimated to be about 2.74 eV from the diffuse reflection spectrum. The optimum doping concentration is 7 mol. % and the quenching occurs via dipole–dipole interaction according to Dexter’s theory. The Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage value of Sr3Gd(PO4)3:  Sm3+ phosphors presented that it has high color purity. These results indicated that the Sr3Gd(PO4)3:  Sm3+ may be a promising reddish-orange emitting phosphor for cost-effective near ultraviolet white light-emitting diodes.
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Zaifa Yang, Zaifa Yang, Denghui Xu, Denghui Xu, Jiayue Sun, Jiayue Sun, Yumei Sun, Yumei Sun, Haiyan Du, Haiyan Du, } "Characterization and luminescence properties of Sr3Gd(PO4)3:  Sm3+ orange–red phosphor," Optical Engineering 54(10), 105102 (9 October 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.54.10.105102 . Submission:

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