24 December 2015 Semiconductor cylinder fiber laser
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We fabricated a fiber laser that uses a thin semiconductor layer surrounding the glass core as the gain medium. This is a completely new type of laser. The In2Te3 semiconductor layer is about 15-nm thick. The fiber laser has a core diameter of 14.2  μm, an outside diameter of 126  μm, and it is 25-mm long. The laser mirrors consist of a thick vacuum-deposited aluminum layer at one end and a thin semitransparent aluminum layer deposited at the other end of the fiber. The laser is pumped from the side with either light from a halogen tungsten incandescent lamp or a blue light emitting diode flash light. Both the In2Te3 gain medium and the aluminum mirrors have a wide bandwidth. Therefore, the output spectrum consists of a pedestal from a wavelength of about 454 to 623 nm with several peaks. There is a main peak at 545 nm. The main peak has an amplitude of 16.5 dB above the noise level of −73  dB.
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Abhinay Sandupatla, Abhinay Sandupatla, James Flattery, James Flattery, Philipp Kornreich, Philipp Kornreich, } "Semiconductor cylinder fiber laser," Optical Engineering 54(12), 126113 (24 December 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.54.12.126113 . Submission:

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