9 April 2015 Reconstruction of planar periodic structures based on Fourier analysis of moiré patterns
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In recent years, inverse moiré methods have been developed to reconstruct micro/nano-scale planar periodic structures with a larger field of view than those constructed using conventional methods. In these methods, moiré fringes generated by superposition of the periodic structure and a reference grating are analyzed to reconstruct the periodic structure. There are two approaches to inverse moiré methods: the fringe-centerlines method and the phase-shifting method. The former has lower accuracy and is difficult to automate, while the latter requires at least three moiré images with complicated processing. A reconstruction method for planar periodic structures using Fourier analysis is proposed. This method can be used to characterize the micro/nano periodic structure from a single microscope moiré pattern. At the same time, when combined with a linewidth characterization method, the period and linewidth of the microstructure can be obtained simultaneously. As practical examples, the period and linewidth of a scanning electron microscopy raster are calibrated. Then the microstructures of a micro-electroformed grating and a butterfly wing are reconstructed using the calibrated system. The proposed method provides a tool for the characterization of large area micro/nano periodic structures. Further, this is a promising approach to detect defects in periodic structures.
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Ronghua Zhu, Huimin Xie, Minjin Tang, Chuanwei Li, Dan Wu, "Reconstruction of planar periodic structures based on Fourier analysis of moiré patterns," Optical Engineering 54(4), 044102 (9 April 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.54.4.044102 . Submission:

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