21 January 2016 Analysis of mode wavefront characteristics for passively Q-switched slab Nd:YAG laser
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The eigenmode of resonators with symmetric circular mirrors used in solid-state lasers is investigated. Further experiments on output beam quality on a passive Q-switched zigzag slab Nd:YAG laser have been performed by adopting Hartmann–Shack and Zernike–mode reconstruction methods. By the means of peak-valley and root mean square errors of the wavefront distribution, each order of Zernike aberrations are achieved accurately. Moreover, the distribution of circle energy in the far-field and corresponding beam evaluation factors can also be obtained by further calculation. Experimental results indicate that the wavefront aberration is mainly concentrated in the first 10 Zernike aberrations, which mainly includes the defocus Z3, the low-order astigmatism Z5, the coma aberration Z6, and the spherical aberration Z10, because of the crystal thermal effect and the intracavity phase perturbation. The method can be used to further analyze the compensation of intracavity aberration and optimal design for such lasers.
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Xiang Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Jie Wang, Jie Wang, Zhiqiu Hu, Zhiqiu Hu, Likun Su, Likun Su, } "Analysis of mode wavefront characteristics for passively Q-switched slab Nd:YAG laser," Optical Engineering 55(1), 016102 (21 January 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.1.016102 . Submission:

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