7 October 2016 Method based on bioinspired sample improves autofocusing performances
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In order to solve the issue between fast autofocusing speed and high volume data processing, we propose a bioinspired sampling method based on a retina-like structure. We develop retina-like models and analyze the division of sampling structure. The optimal retina-like sample is obtained by analyzing two key parameters (sectors and radius of blind area) of the retina-like structure through experiments. Under the typical autofocus functions, including Vollath–4, Laplacian, Tenengrad, spatial frequency, and sum-modified-Laplacian (SML), we carry out comparative experiments of computation time based on the retina-like sample and a traditional uniform sample. The results show that the retina-like sample is suitable for those autofocus functions. Based on the autofocus function of SML, the average time of uniform sample decreases from 3.5 to 2.1 s for the retina-like sample.
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Jie Cao, Jie Cao, Yang Cheng, Yang Cheng, Peng Wang, Peng Wang, Yuxin Peng, Yuxin Peng, Kaiyu Zhang, Kaiyu Zhang, Leina Wu, Leina Wu, Wenze Xia, Wenze Xia, Haoyong Yu, Haoyong Yu, } "Method based on bioinspired sample improves autofocusing performances," Optical Engineering 55(10), 103103 (7 October 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.10.103103 . Submission:

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