31 October 2016 Engineering of apodizer filters in the optical imaging using a set of phase plates
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A numerical study of the performance of a set of phase masks and apodizer filters, which are able to extend the depth of field (DOF) in the imaging system, are presented using a test object with different levels of gray. The ambiguity function is used to display which of these filters, placed in the pupil function, can increase the DOF. The intensity quasi-point spread functions (IQPSFs) show invariance in the central spot of the IQPSF when the apodizer is placed in the optical system. This approach minimizes the replicas of the object that appears in the background of the restored images produced by the numerical processing when in the pupil function these phase filters are used simultaneously. The correlation coefficient criteria and minimum squares differences were used to evaluate the quality of the restoration process.
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Omar Palillero-Sandoval, Omar Palillero-Sandoval, Pedro Antonio Márquez-Aguilar, Pedro Antonio Márquez-Aguilar, Luis Raúl Berriel-Valdos, Luis Raúl Berriel-Valdos, } "Engineering of apodizer filters in the optical imaging using a set of phase plates," Optical Engineering 55(10), 105103 (31 October 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.10.105103 . Submission:


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