16 September 2016 Speckle metrology of dynamic macro- and microprocesses in deformable media
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Theory of the speckle dynamics arises in the image plane of the object as a result of deterministic and random displacements of point scattering centers are considered. It was shown that time-average radiation intensity and the correlation coefficient of the speckle image segment depend on the average value, variance, and the correlation time of displacement difference of the scattering center pairs. The sensitivity, accuracy, and calibration of the method are considered. Application of the technique in studies of micro-and macroprocesses in high-cycle fatigue of metals and in a monolayer of live cells is given.
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Alexander P. Vladimirov, "Speckle metrology of dynamic macro- and microprocesses in deformable media," Optical Engineering 55(12), 121727 (16 September 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.12.121727 . Submission:

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