5 December 2016 Axial multifocal binary-phase zone plate for high numerical aperture focusing
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Binary-phase zone plates (BPZPs) are proposed for generating two foci along the optical axis of a high numerical aperture objective. The radii of BPZPs are given by an analytical expression, in which the axial shifting distance of two foci is included. By changing the axial shifting distance, a set of BPZPs can be designed for achieving tunable two foci in the optical axial direction of the objective. Theoretical analysis and simulation results prove that the tunable axial two foci can be realized successfully, and furthermore, the intensity distribution of focal spots with special shapes (optical needle and optical bubble) can also be created by using BPZPs with suitable axial shifting distance. In addition, axial multifocal spots array can also be realized by superposition of multiple BPZPs with different axial shifting distances.
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Zhenxian Huang, Zhenxian Huang, Zhiqiang Hao, Zhiqiang Hao, Linwei Zhu, Linwei Zhu, } "Axial multifocal binary-phase zone plate for high numerical aperture focusing," Optical Engineering 55(12), 123101 (5 December 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.12.123101 . Submission:

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