9 February 2016 Bionic optical imaging system with aspheric solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens
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A bionic optical imaging system with an aspheric solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens was designed and fabricated. The entire system mainly consisted of a doublet lens, a solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens, a connecting part, and a CCD imaging device. To mimic the structure of the crystalline lens, the solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens consisted of a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) lens, a polymethyl methacrylate lens, and the liquid of ethyl silicone oil. By pumping liquid in or out of the cavity using a microinjector, the curvatures of the front and rear surfaces of the PDMS lens were varied, resulting in a change of focal length. The overall structure of the system was presented, as well as a detailed description of the solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens, material, and fabrication process. Under different injection volumes, the deformation of the PDMS lens was measured and simulated, pictures were captured, and the optical performance was analyzed in simulations and experiments. The focal length of the system ranged from 25.05 to 14.61 mm, and the variation of the diopter was 28.5D, which was larger than that of the human eye.
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Jia-Wei Du, Jia-Wei Du, Xuan-Yin Wang, Xuan-Yin Wang, Dan Liang, Dan Liang, } "Bionic optical imaging system with aspheric solid–liquid mixed variable-focus lens," Optical Engineering 55(2), 023105 (9 February 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.2.023105 . Submission:

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