21 March 2016 Photoelectric scanning-based method for positioning omnidirectional automatic guided vehicle
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Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) as a kind of mobile robot has been widely used in many applications. For better adapting to the complex working environment, more and more AGVs are designed to be omnidirectional by being equipped with Mecanum wheels for increasing their flexibility and maneuverability. However, as the AGV with this kind of wheels suffers from the position errors mainly because of the frequent slipping property, how to measure its position accurately in real time is an extremely important issue. Among the ways of achieving it, the photoelectric scanning methodology based on angle measurement is efficient. Hence, we propose a feasible method to ameliorate the positioning process, which mainly integrates four photoelectric receivers and one laser transmitter. To verify the practicality and accuracy, actual experiments and computer simulations have been conducted. In the simulation, the theoretical positioning error is less than 0.28 mm in a 10  m × 10  m space. In the actual experiment, the performances about the stability, accuracy, and dynamic capability of this method were inspected. It demonstrates that the system works well and the performance of the position measurement is high enough to fulfill the mainstream tasks.
© 2016 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Zhe Huang, Zhe Huang, Linghui Yang, Linghui Yang, Yunzhi Zhang, Yunzhi Zhang, Yin Guo, Yin Guo, Yongjie Ren, Yongjie Ren, Jiarui Lin, Jiarui Lin, Jigui Zhu, Jigui Zhu, } "Photoelectric scanning-based method for positioning omnidirectional automatic guided vehicle," Optical Engineering 55(3), 034105 (21 March 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.3.034105 . Submission:

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