18 March 2016 Periodic photonic filters: theory and experiment
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Photonic multiline filters exhibiting periodic resonance lines on a dense spectral grid in a broad wavelength range are demonstrated. We design the filters using rigorous numerical methods and then proceed with experimental verification by patterning, etching, and collecting spectral data. We use standard double-side-polished 300-μm-thick silicon wafers for the experiments. On one side of the wafer, we place a shallow grating whereas the other side has a quarter-wave antireflection layer. An example filter with a ∼200-nm-deep TiO2 grating on the wafer yields 12 narrow resonance peaks within a 10-nm wavelength range centered at 1550 nm. The spectral width of each filter peak is ∼0.1  nm with a free spectral range of ∼0.8  nm. Peak efficiency approaches 80% with low sidebands between the resonant filter lines. We discuss briefly design of polarization-independent periodic filters and the concept of Brewster-angle filters. Possible applications include spectral sampling and wavelength discretization as used, e.g., in sensing gas species and quantifying toxic gas concentrations.
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Guoliang Chen, Guoliang Chen, Kyu Jin Lee, Kyu Jin Lee, Robert Magnusson, Robert Magnusson, } "Periodic photonic filters: theory and experiment," Optical Engineering 55(3), 037108 (18 March 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.3.037108 . Submission:


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