26 April 2016 Video-rate volumetric optical coherence tomography-based microangiography
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Video-rate volumetric optical coherence tomography (vOCT) is relatively young in the field of OCT imaging but has great potential in biomedical applications. Due to the recent development of the MHz range swept laser sources, vOCT has started to gain attention in the community. Here, we report the first in vivo video-rate volumetric OCT-based microangiography (vOMAG) system by integrating an 18-kHz resonant microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirror with a 1.6-MHz FDML swept source operating at ∼1.3  μm wavelength. Because the MEMS scanner can offer an effective B-frame rate of 36 kHz, we are able to engineer vOMAG with a video rate up to 25 Hz. This system was utilized for real-time volumetric in vivo visualization of cerebral microvasculature in mice. Moreover, we monitored the blood perfusion dynamics during stimulation within mouse ear in vivo. We also discussed this system’s limitations. Prospective MEMS-enabled OCT probes with a real-time volumetric functional imaging capability can have a significant impact on endoscopic imaging and image-guided surgery applications.
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Utku Baran, Utku Baran, Wei Wei, Wei Wei, Jingjiang Xu, Jingjiang Xu, Xiaoli Qi, Xiaoli Qi, Wyatt O. Davis, Wyatt O. Davis, Ruikang K. Wang, Ruikang K. Wang, "Video-rate volumetric optical coherence tomography-based microangiography," Optical Engineering 55(4), 040503 (26 April 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.4.040503

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