23 June 2016 Speckle-reduced holographic display by modulating complex amplitude in single-lens system
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This paper proposes a method for calculating phase-only computer-generated hologram (CGH) in holographic display with reduced speckle noise. The method works by encoding the desired complex-amplitude field of object into a phase-only CGH by a linear canonical transform algorithm. The complex-amplitude field can then be reconstructed independently from the encoded CGH using a filter at the Fourier plane of a single-lens optical system. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method was verified by a simulation experiment. An optical experiment for holographic display was also conducted with reduced speckle using a single phase-only spatial-light modulator. The object was, in fact, reconstructed with different depth of focus clearly without speckle noise due to the simultaneous modulation of both amplitude and phase, confirming our method’s ability to suppress speckle noise in holographic displays by modulating complex amplitude in three-dimensional space.
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Chenliang Chang, Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Jun Xia, Yijun Qi, Yijun Qi, Caojin Yuan, Caojin Yuan, Shouping Nie, Shouping Nie, } "Speckle-reduced holographic display by modulating complex amplitude in single-lens system," Optical Engineering 55(6), 063110 (23 June 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.6.063110 . Submission:

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