5 August 2016 Point-specific self-calibration for improved characterization of thickness distribution
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This work proposes a point-specific self-calibration method to characterize film thickness distribution by exploiting the multiple detection capability of a home-built full-field ellipsometer. The self-calibration method offers a feasible route for retrieving calibration information from the actual real-time sample measurement in conjunction with the ellipsometric parameters, thus leading to error-free data after the elimination of systematic errors and addressing the problem of high time-consumption. With the help of the multiple detection capability of a full-field ellipsometer, we can further implement self-calibration for every point-specific pixel, termed as point-specific self-calibration to achieve a high-accuracy film thickness profile. The synthetic thickness distribution composed of structural-anisotropy pixels with tilted surface is utilized to demonstrate the potential of the proposed approach by retrieving the ellipsometric angles and the calibration parameters of every single pixel. A three orders-of-magnitude improvement in the accuracy of thickness determination was achieved in the simulation. To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach, a SiO2 film deposited on the Si substrate is measured in this work. This approach could be easily extended to implement thickness distribution measurements accurately and rapidly in other rotating-element ellipsometer cases.
Fangfang Meng, Fangfang Meng, Kun Chen, Kun Chen, Tian Zhou, Tian Zhou, Tao Wu, Tao Wu, Haoyun Wei, Haoyun Wei, Yan Li, Yan Li, } "Point-specific self-calibration for improved characterization of thickness distribution," Optical Engineering 55(8), 084102 (5 August 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.55.8.084102 . Submission:


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