2 March 2017 Accurate carrier-removal method for interferogram analysis
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Optical Engineering, 56(3), 034101 (2017). doi:10.1117/1.OE.56.3.034101
Based on zero-padding and frequency-domain self-filtering, a robust and effective spectrum centroid carrier-removal method for carrier interferogram analysis is proposed. The interferogram is first spatial zero padded to increase the frequency resolution, and then the frequency domain self-filtering is carried out to suppress the noise and enhance the carrier component. Finally, the carrier frequencies are estimated by calculating the spectral centroid of the upside lobe. The simulations and experiments are carried out to testify the feasibility of this method. In addition, some factors, such as the carrier frequency values, the level of random noise, and the window size of the spectral filter, are analyzed and discussed. Compared with existing carrier-removal methods, the proposed method is effective and accurate for suppressing the carrier-removal error.
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Bin Lan, Guoying Feng, Tao Zhang, Shouhuan Zhou, "Accurate carrier-removal method for interferogram analysis," Optical Engineering 56(3), 034101 (2 March 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.56.3.034101 Submission: Received 27 June 2016; Accepted 17 January 2017
Submission: Received 27 June 2016; Accepted 17 January 2017

Particle filters

Optical filters

Error analysis


Fourier transforms

Fringe analysis

Numerical simulations

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