23 November 2016 Camera calibration for multidirectional flame chemiluminescence tomography
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Flame chemiluminescence tomography (FCT), which combines computerized tomography theory and multidirectional chemiluminescence emission measurements, can realize instantaneous three-dimensional (3-D) diagnostics for flames with high spatial and temporal resolutions. One critical step of FCT is to record the projections by multiple cameras from different view angles. For high accuracy reconstructions, it requires that extrinsic parameters (the positions and orientations) and intrinsic parameters (especially the image distances) of cameras be accurately calibrated first. Taking the focus effect of the camera into account, a modified camera calibration method was presented for FCT, and a 3-D calibration pattern was designed to solve the parameters. The precision of the method was evaluated by reprojections of feature points to cameras with the calibration results. The maximum root mean square error of the feature points’ position is 1.42 pixels and 0.0064 mm for the image distance. An FCT system with 12 cameras was calibrated by the proposed method and the 3-D CH* intensity of a propane flame was measured. The results showed that the FCT system provides reasonable reconstruction accuracy using the camera’s calibration results.
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Jia Wang, Jia Wang, Weiguang Zhang, Weiguang Zhang, Yuhong Zhang, Yuhong Zhang, Xun Yu, Xun Yu, } "Camera calibration for multidirectional flame chemiluminescence tomography," Optical Engineering 56(4), 041307 (23 November 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.56.4.041307 . Submission:


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