19 July 2017 Design of a segmented nonimaging Fresnel dome for nontracking solar collection
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The efficiency of sunlight collection systems is related to the optical element used as a collector. On this subject, the design of a nontracking solar collector that consists of a segmented nonimaging Fresnel dome is presented. It is formed by the conjunction of different zones for solar collection, where each one is a nonimaging Fresnel lens that collects a specific angular range (θin) of sunlight received in the northeast of Mexico, but the methodology presented can be easily extended to other geographic locations. The final design is a semistationary segmented collector with a 100-cm diameter and 50-cm focal length that needs a 180-deg rotation over the XY-plane in each equinox. The numerical simulations show that the nontracking segmented collector has a combined acceptance semiangle of θin=±105  deg with an average efficiency of over 67% from 9:00 to 18:00 h. The spatial and angular distributions of the sunlight collected are also included. This design has a collection area equal to that of a single nonimaging Fresnel lens with an acceptance semiangle of θin=±45  deg. These results are reproducible and provide valuable data for designing nontracking solar collectors based on nonimaging Fresnel lens.
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Perla M. Viera-González, Perla M. Viera-González, Guillermo E. Sánchez-Guerrero, Guillermo E. Sánchez-Guerrero, Edgar Martínez-Guerra, Edgar Martínez-Guerra, Daniel E. Ceballos-Herrera, Daniel E. Ceballos-Herrera, } "Design of a segmented nonimaging Fresnel dome for nontracking solar collection," Optical Engineering 56(7), 075103 (19 July 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.56.7.075103 . Submission: Received: 29 November 2016; Accepted: 26 June 2017
Received: 29 November 2016; Accepted: 26 June 2017; Published: 19 July 2017


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