21 August 2017 Plug-in module acceleration feedback control for fast steering mirror-based beam stabilization systems
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A plug-in module acceleration feedback control (Plug-In AFC) strategy based on the disturbance observer (DOB) principle is proposed for charge-coupled device (CCD)-based fast steering mirror (FSM) stabilization systems. In classical FSM tracking systems, dual-loop control (DLC), including velocity feedback and position feedback, is usually utilized to enhance the closed-loop performance. Due to the mechanical resonance of the system and CCD time delay, the closed-loop bandwidth is severely restricted. To solve this problem, cascade acceleration feedback control (AFC), which is a kind of high-precision robust control method, is introduced to strengthen the disturbance rejection property. However, in practical applications, it is difficult to realize an integral algorithm in an acceleration controller to compensate for the quadratic differential contained in the FSM acceleration model, resulting in a challenging controller design and a limited improvement. To optimize the acceleration feedback framework in the FSM system, different from the cascade AFC, the accelerometers are used to construct DOB to compensate for the platform vibrations directly. The acceleration nested loop can be plugged into the velocity loop without changing the system stability, and the controller design is quite simple. A series of comparative experimental results demonstrate that the disturbance rejection property of the CCD-based FSM can be effectively improved by the proposed approach.
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Chao Deng, Chao Deng, Wei Ren, Wei Ren, Yao Mao, Yao Mao, Ge Ren, Ge Ren, } "Plug-in module acceleration feedback control for fast steering mirror-based beam stabilization systems," Optical Engineering 56(8), 084105 (21 August 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.56.8.084105 . Submission: Received: 24 May 2017; Accepted: 2 August 2017
Received: 24 May 2017; Accepted: 2 August 2017; Published: 21 August 2017


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