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11 September 2017 Single-mode interband cascade laser multiemitter structure for two-wavelength absorption spectroscopy
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An interband cascade laser multiemitter with single-mode distributed feedback (DFB) emission at two wavelengths is presented. Continuous-wave laser operation is measured from 0°C to 40°C with threshold currents of around 25 mA and output powers of around 9 mW at 20°C. The ridge waveguide DFB structures are monolithically integrated with a spacing of 70  μm and each is provided with an individual metal DFB grating to select specific single-mode wavelengths of interest for absorption spectroscopy. The emission windows at 3.92 and 4.01  μm are targeting hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which are of importance for industrial applications since both gases are reagents of the Claus process in sulfur recovery units, recovering elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide.
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Julian Scheuermann, Robert Weih, Steffen Becker, Marc Fischer, Johannes Koeth, and Sven Höfling "Single-mode interband cascade laser multiemitter structure for two-wavelength absorption spectroscopy," Optical Engineering 57(1), 011008 (11 September 2017).
Received: 2 June 2017; Accepted: 16 August 2017; Published: 11 September 2017

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