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5 January 2018 Polarization-independent electromagnetically induced transparency-like metasurface
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A classical electromagnetically induced transparency-like (EIT-like) metasurface is numerically simulated. This metasurface is composed of two identical and orthogonal double-end semitoroidals (DESTs) metal resonators. Under the excitation of the normal incidence waves, each of the two DESTs structure exhibits electromagnetic dipole responses at different frequencies, which leads to the polarization-independent EIT-like effect. The features of the EIT-like effect are qualitatively analyzed based on the surface current and magnetic field distribution. In addition, the large index is extracted to verify the slow-light property within the transmission window. The EIT-like metasurface structure with the above-mentioned characteristics may have potential applications in some areas, such as sensing, slow light, and filtering devices.
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Xiuli Jia and Xiaoou Wang "Polarization-independent electromagnetically induced transparency-like metasurface," Optical Engineering 57(1), 017105 (5 January 2018).
Received: 25 September 2017; Accepted: 13 December 2017; Published: 5 January 2018

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