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9 February 2019 Optical onboard double decoding/forward performance with long codes for optical routing
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The optical decoding and forward (ODF) performance with long systematic Hamming distance-4 (LSD_4) codes is suggested. Hereby, the LSD_4 codes are produced via generating 224 codewords of 15 bits length. The LSD_4 codes length is extremely long (equal to 4096 bits); accordingly, the encoding/decoding by the LSD_4 codes becomes more compatible with optical speed and consistency. Apparently, increasing the length of coding is concurrent with the ODF speed. Our model is grounded on hiring the LSD_4 codes in the encoding/decoding process of the onboard ODF for optical routing serial. The net gain of plugging the planned LSD_4 codes in optical routing is obtained within 5- to 15-dB range for diverse optical routing forms at code length 4096 bits with Q-ary pulse-position modulation. The numeric and simulated results confirmed the significant improvements of the planned LSD_4 codes performance with ODF over the non-LSD_4 codes ODF counterparts.
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Wamidh Jalil Mazher, Hadeel Tariq Ibrahim, Yaareb M. Mathboob, and Osman N. Ucan "Optical onboard double decoding/forward performance with long codes for optical routing," Optical Engineering 58(2), 027106 (9 February 2019).
Received: 26 October 2018; Accepted: 22 January 2019; Published: 9 February 2019

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