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10 March 2020 Thermal effects on tapered holmium-doped fiber amplifiers
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The temperature response of a tapered holmium-doped fiber amplifier and its impact in the performance of fiber lasers and temperature fiber sensors has numerically been analyzed. Different pump schemes and different longitudinal shapes of the tapered-doped fiber were investigated, and it was found that a parabolic shape of the tapered fiber amplifier in a co-propagating pump scheme shows the highest sensitivity to temperature changes. In particular, the temperature sensitivity of the amplified signal was 2.5  ×  10  −  4  °  C for 1 W of pump power and 1 m of doped fiber length. In addition, this sensitivity can be increased up to 10 times for fiber lengths shorter than 1 m and pump powers lower than 300 mW. Our results can be used to describe the temperature response of tapered fiber amplifiers in the mid-infrared spectral region and contribute with new information for the development of fiber lasers and fiber temperature sensors.

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José Alfredo Alvarez-Chavez, Rafael Sánchez-Lara, Jose L. Vazquez-Avila, Daniel Enrique Ceballos-Herrera, and Herman L. Offerhaus "Thermal effects on tapered holmium-doped fiber amplifiers," Optical Engineering 59(3), 036106 (10 March 2020).
Received: 25 November 2019; Accepted: 19 February 2020; Published: 10 March 2020


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