1 January 1968 The Santa Barbara Underwater Photo-optics Seminar in Retrospect
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"1 have been particularly impressed with the technical level of the meeting. - The whole community has been here, at least the whole U. S. community, and several foreign guests. I don't believe it has ever happened like this before and the general level of interest has produced a more homogeneous symposium than usual. - - - It has also stimu-lated me to sit quietly and think a little bit that some of us, at least, should not get so close to the attempts to build better equipment that we stop looking around for some other unthought-of basic trick, some basic principle that hasn't been tapped."
Alexis B. Dember, Alexis B. Dember, } "The Santa Barbara Underwater Photo-optics Seminar in Retrospect," Optical Engineering 6(2), 060265 (1 January 1968). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971394 . Submission:

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