2 March 1968 Image Processing With Multiaperture Image Dissector
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The multi-aperture image dissector has the ability to give simultaneous information on the brightness of spatially separated points of an optical image, due to the multiplicity of dissecting apertures. Several applications for this multiple readout concept have been proposed and demonstrated. Details of systems for edge detection, tracking and use in photogrammetry, incorporating the multi-aperture image dissector, will be given. Possible motion detection and shape recognition schemes will be outlined. A low light level development of the multi-aperture image dissector will be discussed.
James M. Abraham, James M. Abraham, Clive E. Catchpole, Clive E. Catchpole, George W. Goodrich, George W. Goodrich, } "Image Processing With Multiaperture Image Dissector," Optical Engineering 6(3), 060393 (2 March 1968). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971378 . Submission:

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