1 May 1968 Glass/Plastic Fiber Transmission Characteristics
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This paper will give the transmission behavior of various length light guides made of synthetic fibers. Comparison will be made between different lengths and fiber sizes, with bundle diameters held constant. An attempt has been made to firmly locate absorption bands suspected to exist within these fibers at approximately .9 microns. The nature of material studies either in process or anticipated will also be covered, the objectives of which will be to improve the color, brightness and wavelength efficiency of polymer fibers.
Donald A. Pontarelli, Donald A. Pontarelli, O. Harry Olson, O. Harry Olson, Anatoli Brushenko, Anatoli Brushenko, Arthur C. Menadier, Arthur C. Menadier, } "Glass/Plastic Fiber Transmission Characteristics," Optical Engineering 6(4), 604128 (1 May 1968). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971388 . Submission:

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