1 March 1969 Laser-Source Reflectometer For High-Temperature Reflectance Measurements
A knowledge of reflectance of refractory materials at high temperatures is required for the design of heat shields of reentry vehicles, nose cones of ballistic missiles, rocket nozzles, combustion chambers, leading edges of airfoils operating at supersonic velocities, and many other structures and parts for aerospace applications. In many cases, however, published values for the reflectance of refractory materials at high temperatures are of low precision and questionable accuracy. It is not at all unusual for reflectance values of what is reported as the same material at the same temperature to vary by as much as a factor of two.
} "Laser-Source Reflectometer For High-Temperature Reflectance Measurements," Optical Engineering 7(3), 070389 (1 March 1969). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971516 . Submission:

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