1 May 1969 The Application of Frequency Response Techniques in Optics
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The theory of optical instruments has been studied for practically the whole period of modern science, from the Renaissance to the present day. In its earliest form it consisted of simple applications of the laws of reflection and refraction to geometrically simple systems. The analytical theory of the aberrations of axially symmetrical syste, s, on the other hand, has been in existance for a little more than a century. If one reflects that for the most part this comprises only the consequences of the application of Snell's law and elementary coordinate geometry to the very simple geometrical configuration of spherical surfaces with their centres in a straight line, it is remarkable that even here important work both continues and remains to be done.
H. H. Hopkins, H. H. Hopkins, } "The Application of Frequency Response Techniques in Optics," Optical Engineering 7(4), 704100 (1 May 1969). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971500 . Submission:


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