1 May 1969 Conical and Hyperbolic Lens Generation Using Interferometric Methods
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Interferometric methods may be used to easily generate zone plates with many of the same properties of conical and hyperbolic lenses. These surfaces would be extremely difficult to fabricate out of glass. Experimental procedures for the production of such hologram lenses using only a collection of slits, spherical lenses, and cylindrical lenses are given. Various imaging systems are described where a given distortion of input transparency coordinates are desired at an image plane of an optical processor. A radar application using one such system is given.
Ronald J. Fredricks, "Conical and Hyperbolic Lens Generation Using Interferometric Methods," Optical Engineering 7(4), 704106 (1 May 1969). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971502 . Submission:

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