1 September 1969 Digital Registration of Multispectral Video Imagery
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This paper describes an adaptive system for achieving spatial registration of digitized imagery. Multispectral imagery is obtained from sources such as multilens cameras, multichannel optical-mechanical line scanners, and multiple TV camera systems. The system converts the raster scan imagery to an array of binary numbers representing brightness at discrete points in the scene. An analysis method is described which estimates the difficulty of registering these multispectral digital pictures. This measure is used to control the registration algorithm to improve the rate of processing. Experiments are described which compare the performance of the system with and without adaptive control. Registration of test imagery in three categories is carried out and some results are presented.
Paul E. Anuta, "Digital Registration of Multispectral Video Imagery," Optical Engineering 7(6), 706168 (1 September 1969). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971508 . Submission:

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