1 March 1970 Oceanic Light Scattering Properties Related To Dynamic Conditions
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THE ROLE OF LIGHT SCATTERING It is well known to every student in oceanography that the sea contains a variety of particles of different composition, shape and size. Basically the particulate material can be classified into inorganic and organic matter. The latter is found in variable proportions averaging 20 - 60% (determined from carbon x 2 = dry organic matter) of the total particle content. Most of the organic matter is detritus and the living com-ponent is normally less than 20%.
N. G. Jerlov, N. G. Jerlov, } "Oceanic Light Scattering Properties Related To Dynamic Conditions," Optical Engineering 8(3), 080389 (1 March 1970). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971519 . Submission:

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