1 July 1970 High Speed Photography for Plasma Physics Research
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For short duration plasmas, such as high-current theta and zeta pinches, it is necessary to use very short exposures to photograph the plasmas. These plasmas are very luminous, so there is sufficient light for sub-microsecond exposures. Several types of cameras were used. These include Kerr cell, image converter, framing and streak cameras. The Kerr cell camera takes only one picture, while the framing camera can take 25 pictures at the rate of 4x 10'6 per second. Examples of plasma photography will be shown, and the unique advantages and problems with each type of camera will be discussed.
Eugene B. Turner, "High Speed Photography for Plasma Physics Research," Optical Engineering 8(5), 805157 (1 July 1970). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971528 . Submission:

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