1 September 1970 Automatic Recognition of White Blood Cells
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APPROACH TO DIFFERENTIATING AMONG WHITE BLOOD CELLS A problem of great importance in medicine is that of distinguishing among different types of white blood cells, or leucocvtes. Unlike the red blood cell, the white blood cell has a nucleus. The nucleus may be round in shape that is, can have a circular boundary as seen through the microscope - or it can be kidney-shaped, or it can have two, three, or more lobes, see Figure 1 a. The general theory is that a white blood cell starts out with a circular nucleus, which as the cell matures becomes kidney-shaped, and finally lobular, or Polymorphonuclear. Thus our problem becomes one of distinguishing among these shapes of nuclear boundaries.
Robert S. Ledley, Robert S. Ledley, George C. Cheng, George C. Cheng, } "Automatic Recognition of White Blood Cells," Optical Engineering 8(6), 806209 (1 September 1970). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971522 . Submission:

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