1 March 1971 Stellar Calibration of the Lunar Mapping Camera Subsystem
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The Mapping Camera Subsystem provides precision metric photography of the lunar surface as well as time correlated stellar photography used for post-flight camera system attitude determination. A multiple camera system, such as the Lunar Mapper, requires the need for precise stellar calibration to assure maximum usability of its photography in subsequent photogrammetric data reduction. The pertinent parameters of the Lunar Mapping Camera Subsystem, as well as the plans and techniques for performing the overall stellar calibration task are summarized. Included is a review of stellar calibration plans for site selection, site development, logistics, mission observation, and data reduction.
Angelo D. Beccasio, "Stellar Calibration of the Lunar Mapping Camera Subsystem," Optical Engineering 9(3), 090377 (1 March 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971564 . Submission:

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