1 March 1971 Holography
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HOLOGRAPHY IN 1970 This last year in holography has continued the hectic if somewhat unproductive pace of previous years - in terms of applications. The major journals continue to publish a wide variety of papers. The Journal of the Optical Society of America has 91 index entries, 25 of which are papers and nine letters to the editor. Well over half the entries refer to published abstracts of papers presented at meetings. Applied Optics contains approximately 100 index entries of which 49 are papers and 31 letters. In a recent paper an attempt was made to analyze this literature in a preliminary way by plotting the trends in number of publications. One plot concerned the number of indexed items in the two journals mentioned above. The trends inferred from these plots for the Journal of the Optical Society have proved to be correct as Table 1 shows.
Brian J. Thompson, "Holography," Optical Engineering 9(3), 090383 (1 March 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971565 . Submission:

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