1 March 1971 Image Evaluation: Criteria and Applications Paper 2: The MTF Criterion
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It is the author's intention to present a concise dissertation on the MTF criterion for image evaluation in a fashion which hopefully will prove to be both tractable and enlightening, even to those in the field whose background in this subject is not extensive. The general nature of this paper is qualitative rather than quantitative, with the concepts involved being elucidated by frequent appeals to the reader's intuition; however, mathematical analyses are nonetheless occasionally required for clarification purposes. Although tutorial, this paper also seeks to present the necessary foundations for the final paper in this series, which covers a study conducted by the author at Bell & Howell Company. This study employed the MTF criterion in the design, testing, and manufacturing stages of a "Super 8" movie camera system to determine both the degree of image degradation occurring at each of these operations and the effectiveness of current testing procedures.
Edward B. Noffsinger, Edward B. Noffsinger, } "Image Evaluation: Criteria and Applications Paper 2: The MTF Criterion," Optical Engineering 9(3), 090395 (1 March 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971567 . Submission:


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