1 March 1971 Coherent Optical Parallel Processing
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Conventional stereocompilation, whether carried out manually or automatically, involves a sequential point-by-point measurement of x parallax. This paper describes an "instant-profile" correlator, a coherent optical parallel processor which measures and displays x parallax point by point simultaneously rather than sequentially. With this optical processor, one can select any y strip of the overlapping stereo imagery, measure simultaneously the x parallax over the entire strip, and display at the output x parallax as a function of y photocoordinate. All of the overlapping imagery may be processed in this matter by simply scanning of the stereo photographs with a slit. The theory of operation of the optical parallel processor is discussed and experimental results with aerial photography are presented.
Stanley J. Krulikoski, Stanley J. Krulikoski, Daniel C. Kowalski, Daniel C. Kowalski, Frank R. Whitehead, Frank R. Whitehead, } "Coherent Optical Parallel Processing," Optical Engineering 9(3), 903104 (1 March 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971568 . Submission:

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