1 May 1971 The Infrared Radiance of the Earth Between 5 and 20 Microns
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A knowledge of both the average infrared radiance of the earth and the variations from this average is required for the design of earth viewing satellite born infrared sensors. For any sensor attempting to view an object while the earth is in its field of view, the radiance of the earth, including its atmosphere, presents a significant background. This background may seriously interfere with the sensing of the object. We present here an analysis of infrared earth radiance data obtained by the NIMBUS III satellite.
C. M. Randall, C. M. Randall, R. D. Rawcliffe, R. D. Rawcliffe, } "The Infrared Radiance of the Earth Between 5 and 20 Microns," Optical Engineering 9(4), 904118 (1 May 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971549 . Submission:

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