1 May 1971 Coherence in the Image Plane of an Incoherent System
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Coherence in the image plane of an optical system depends on the conditions of illumination and the impulse response of the optical components. The propagation of the mutual intensity function from object to image plane is evaluated for various conditions. Experimental measurements verify an increase of coherence under conditions where the mutual intensity function in the object plane is not resolved. These considerations demonstrate the requirement for quality in condenser optical components and care when imaging components are cascaded.
Philip S. Considine, Philip S. Considine, Brian J. Thompson, Brian J. Thompson, } "Coherence in the Image Plane of an Incoherent System," Optical Engineering 9(4), 904135 (1 May 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971552 . Submission:

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