1 May 1971 Use of Color Photography in Automotive Safety Research
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Automobile crash testing produces three kinds of data: post-impact deformation, trans-impact forces, and trans-impact motions. High speed color movies taken both inside and outside the test car provide the most useful record of the benefit of safety improvements. Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc. (CAL) acquires imagery taken from almost every angle during tests which are conducted on an average of once a week of vehicles impacting a concrete barrier, a pole, or another car.
C. F. Thelin, C. F. Thelin, R. G. Matthies, R. G. Matthies, } "Use of Color Photography in Automotive Safety Research," Optical Engineering 9(4), 904147 (1 May 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971555 . Submission:

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