1 September 1971 Color Film Recording from T.V.
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Film recording has been an integral part of the operation of broadcast television ever since its conception. The development of the video tape TV storage system was hailed by some as the death knell to film recording. However, the continuing, need for this transfer technique is demonstrated by the interest of broadcast and military users and by the financial success of studios offering this service. It thus becomes clear that the purpose of film recording of TV images is not in the use of that medium for the dissemination of programs. In fact, in retrospect, it appears that video tape not only did not replace film recording but gave it a new lease on life by allowing the process to be used in an "off line" mode.
Stephen P. Robinson, Lee S. Horst, "Color Film Recording from T.V.," Optical Engineering 9(6), 906196 (1 September 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971559 . Submission:

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