1 September 1971 Rapid Selection of Dichroic Reflector Lamps for Color Projection
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The sensitivity of the human eye to slight shifts in color balance, particularly in the blue-green and yellow-orange regions of the spectrum, necessitates careful control over all of the color-influencing parameters of a projection system. In a modern optical projection system, the dichroic coating of an integral reflector tungsten-halogen lamp may be the source of objectionable color imbalance. Despite rigorous manufacturing control, significant variations in spectral energy distribution of radiation reflected and transmitted from the dichroic coatings occur.
William T. Sherwood, "Rapid Selection of Dichroic Reflector Lamps for Color Projection," Optical Engineering 9(6), 906212 (1 September 1971). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971562 . Submission:

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