Advanced Photonics
VOL. 1 · NO. 1 | January 2019

Editorials (1)
Reviews (2)
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 010101 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Photonics, Medicine, Applied research, Data processing, Internet, Information security, Network security, Quantum information, Materials science, Biology
News and Commentaries
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 010501 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Photonics, Photons, Planets, Solar energy, X-rays, Semiconductors, Silicon, Cameras, Manufacturing, Sensors
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 010502 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Photonics, Metamaterials, Free space optics, Photonic crystals, Patents, Surface plasmons, Physics, Photonic crystal fibers, Optical fibers, Glasses
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 010503 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Resonators, Photonic crystals, Nanoparticles, Computer engineering, Nanotechnology, Destructive interference, Photonic crystal devices, Photon polarization, Photonic devices, Dielectrics
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 014001 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Plasmonics, Metals, Surface plasmons, Nanowires, Absorption, Photonics, Metamaterials, Nanostructures, Electromagnetism, Terahertz radiation
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 014002 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Semiconductor lasers, Semiconductors, Plasmonics, Energy efficiency, Plasmonic nanolaser, Laser applications, Photonics, Nanowires, Metals, Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Research Articles
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 016001 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Resonators, Dielectrics, Scattering, Nanophotonics, Physics, Magnetism, Optical spheres, Antennas, Destructive interference, Microwave radiation
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 016002 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Microscopy, Lawrencium, Image resolution, 3D image processing, Biomedical optics, Image segmentation, Heart, 3D acquisition, Brain, Photonics
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 016003 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Solitons, Mode locking, Fiber lasers, Q switched lasers, Laser resonators, Laser processing, Photonics, Video, Laser systems engineering, Q switching
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 016004 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Holograms, 3D image reconstruction, Reconstruction algorithms, Holography, Digital holography, Photonics, Convolution, Phase imaging, Principal component analysis, Wavefronts
Adv. Photon. 1(1), 016005 (28 January 2019)
TOPICS: Correlation function, Spatial coherence, Global system for mobile communications, Fourier transforms, Coherence imaging, Diffraction, Sensors, Calibration, Imaging arrays, Far-field diffraction
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