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26 March 2014 Quasioptical terahertz detector based on the series connection of Nb5N6 microbolometers
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We present the experimental demonstration of a quasioptical terahertz (THz) detector. It is based on the series connection of three Nb 5 N 6 microbolometers. This detector is of high responsivity and broadband response to THz signals. The maximum optical responsivity is 428  V/W at 0.245 THz and the minimum is 102  V/W at 0.367 THz. The thermal time constant of the detector has been demonstrated to be 1.3 μs, which is similar to the ones obtained for single-element microbolometers. These results make arrays of antenna-coupled Nb 5 N 6 microbolometers promising for the development of pixels in THz focal-plane arrays.
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Xuecou Tu, Lei Xu, Qingkai Mao, Chao Wan, Lin Kang, Biaobing Jin, Jian Chen, and Peiheng Wu "Quasioptical terahertz detector based on the series connection of Nb5N6 microbolometers," Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 8(1), 084992 (26 March 2014).
Published: 26 March 2014

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