Journal of Applied Remote Sensing

Editor-in-Chief: Ni-Bin Chang, University of Central Florida, USA

The Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (JARS) is an online journal that optimizes the communication of concepts, information, and progress within the remote sensing community to improve the societal benefit for monitoring and management of natural disasters, weather forecasting, agricultural and urban land-use planning, environmental quality monitoring, ecological restoration, and numerous other commercial and scientific applications. 

On the cover: The figure is from the paper "Machine learning and shoreline monitoring using optical satellite images: case study of the Mostaganem shoreline, Algeria" by Soumia Bengoufa et al. in Vol. 15, Issue 2.

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JARS recognizes best papers

Awards presented for theoretical innovation, interdisciplinary applications, and photo-optical instrumentation and design

Special Section on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Imaging Spectrometer Design

Guest Editors: Shen-En Qian, Robert O. Green, and Antonio J. Plaza

Special Section on Satellite Remote Sensing for Disaster Monitoring and Risk Assessment, Management, and Mitigation

Guest Editors: Hung Lung Allen Huang and Mitchell Goldberg

Previously Published Special Sections

from the Journal of Applied Remote Sensing

Representation Learning and Big Data Analytics for Remote Sensing (July-September 2020)

Guest Editors: Weifeng Liu, Yicong Zhou, Karen Panetta, Sos Agaian

Instrument Calibration and Product Validation of GOES-R (July-September 2020)

Guest Editors: Xiangqian Wu, Changyong Cao, Satya Kalluri, Jaime Daniels

Advances in Remote Sensing for Forest Structure and Functions (April-June 2020)

Guest Editors: Lin (Tony) Cao, Yunsheng Wang, Hao Tang

CubeSats and NanoSats for Remote Sensing (July-September 2019)

Guest Editors: Thomas Pagano and Charles Norton

Advances in Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Classification (April-June 2019)

Guest Editors: Masoumeh Zareapoor, Jinchang Ren, Huiyu Zhou, and Wankou Yang

Advances in Remote Sensing for Air Quality Management (October-December 2018)

Guest Editors: Barry Gross, Klaus Schäfer, Philippe Keckhut

Advances in Agro-Hydrological Remote Sensing for Water Resources Conservation (October-December 2018)

Guest Editors: Antonino Maltese and Christopher M. U. Neale

Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems (October-December 2018)

Guest Editors: Karin U. Stein, Szymon Gladysz, Christian Eisele, Vladimir P. Lukin

Recent Advances in Earth Observation Technologies for Agrometeorology and Agroclimatology (April-June 2018)

Guest Editors: Shi-bo Fang, George P. Petropoulos, and Davide Cammarano

Improved Intercalibration of Earth Observation Data (January-March 2018)

Guest Editors: Craig Coburn and Aaron Gerace

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Journal Metrics:
ISSN: 1931-3195
CiteScoreTM 2020: 3.0
Impact Factor *: 1.53
5-Year Impact Factor *: 1.565
h5-index:  24 (#19 in Remote Sensing)
*Source: Journal Impact FactorTM, from Clarivate, 2021

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