1 September 2006 Errata: Analysis of sperm motility using optical tweezers
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This PDF file contains the errata for “JBO Vol. 11 Issue 05 Paper JBO059803ERR” for JBO Vol. 11 Issue 05

This article was originally published online on 25 August 2006 with the following errors:

  • Author Jaclyn M. Nascimento was listed as Jaclyn L. Nascimento;

  • The caption for Table 1 contained typographical errors. The corrected table follows.

Table 1

Effect of laser trap duration and laser power on sperm motility.

Average velocity ratio
5sec 0.9473,+0.18
10sec 0.9097,+0.19
15sec 0.8602,+0.23
420mW 0.9473,+0.18
350mW 0.9251,+0.14
300mW 0.9475,+0.14
250mW 0.9564,+0.13

Note: Average velocity ratios ( +∕− standard deviation) for various trap durations (constant trapping power, 420mW ) and various trapping powers (constant duration 5sec ). The 15-sec trap duration has the greatest average decrease in VCL post-trapping.

All online versions of the article were corrected on 13 October 2006.

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Jaclyn M. Nascimento, Jaclyn M. Nascimento, Elliot L. Botvinick, Elliot L. Botvinick, Linda Z. Shi, Linda Z. Shi, Barbara S. Durrant, Barbara S. Durrant, Michael W. Berns, Michael W. Berns, } "Errata: Analysis of sperm motility using optical tweezers," Journal of Biomedical Optics 11(5), 059803 (1 September 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2371122 . Submission:

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