Journal of Biomedical Optics
VOL. 16 · NO. 11 | November 2011
JBO Letters
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 110501 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Plasma, Raman spectroscopy, Statistical analysis, Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Diagnostics, Plasma spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, Solids, Principal component analysis
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 110504 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Oxygen, Adaptive optics, Scanning laser ophthalmoscopes, Confocal microscopy, Arteries, Veins, Retina, Scanners, Imaging systems, Cameras
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 110505 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, In vivo imaging, Tissues, Radiofrequency ablation, Heart, Coherence imaging, Blood, Image quality, Birefringence, Optical imaging
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 110801 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Polarization, Tissue optics, Polarimetry, Tissues, Scattering, Light scattering, Photons, Birefringence, Refractive index, Multiple scattering
Research Papers: General
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 115001 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Absorption, Pulsed laser operation, Sensors, Laser tissue interaction, Plasma, Ferroelectric polymers, Cavitation, Tissue optics, Natural surfaces, Tissues
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 115002 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Laser scattering, Luminescence, Scattering, Laser irradiation, Tissues, Microscopes, Mirrors, Near infrared, Absorption, Laser marking
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 115003 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Blood, Oxygen, Monte Carlo methods, Absorption, Laser sources, Molecules, Computer simulations, Optical spheres, Blood oxygen saturation, Radon
Research Papers: Imaging
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116001 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Blood vessels, Optical discs, Decision support systems, Databases, Image quality, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Retina, Image classification, Image enhancement
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116002 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Collagen, Cartilage, Optical fibers, Multiphoton microscopy, Brain-machine interfaces, Polarization, Second-harmonic generation, Tissues, Anisotropy, Imaging systems
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116003 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Receptors, Scattering, Gold, Molecular imaging, Plasmonics, Silver, Hyperspectral imaging, Cancer, Nanorods, Nanoparticles
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116004 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Tissues, Metals, Molecules, Nanoprobes, Luminescence, Target detection, Silica, Silver, Optical spheres, Tissue optics
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116005 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Tissues, Digital holography, Elastography, Natural surfaces, Video, Wave propagation, Acoustics, Holographic interferometry, Holography, Cameras
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116006 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Microchannel plates, Fermium, 3D image processing, Image segmentation, Frequency modulation, Tissues, Computed tomography, Backscatter, Fetus
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116007 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Tumors, Luminescence, Tissue optics, Tissues, Diagnostics, Scattering, Algorithm development, Surgery, Absorption, Brain
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116008 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Field programmable gate arrays, Image processing, LCDs, Video, Blood circulation, CCD cameras, Control systems, Cameras, Clocks, System on a chip
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116009 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Diffusers, Multiphoton microscopy, Microscopy, Microscopes, Biomedical optics, Tissue optics, Confocal microscopy, Tissues, Pulsed laser operation, Luminescence
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116010 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Spinal cord, Luminescence, Brain, Blood vessels, Neuroimaging, Calibration, Magnetic resonance imaging, Image filtering, Biological research
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116011 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Liver, Injuries, Multiphoton microscopy, Fluorescence lifetime imaging, Ischemia, Visualization, Luminescence, Microscopy, Tissues, Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116012 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: In vivo imaging, Infrared imaging, Nerve, Brain, In vitro testing, Cameras, Tissues, Image resolution, Nervous system, Refractive index
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116013 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Refractive index, Tissues, Absorption, Pathology, Cancer, Animal model studies, Breast, Statistical modeling, Microscopy, Intestine
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116014 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Particles, Scattering, Polymethylmethacrylate, Tomography, Optical testing, Tissues, Lithium, Mie scattering, Spherical lenses, Light scattering
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116015 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Skin, Tumor growth modeling, Melanoma, Cancer, Tissues, In vitro testing, 3D modeling, In vivo imaging, Tissue optics
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116016 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Image restoration, Deconvolution, Point spread functions, Image registration, Image quality, Retina, Eye, Image processing, Cameras, Image analysis
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116017 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Tissues, Refractive index, Tissue optics, Biopsy, Cancer, Scattering, Calcium, Light scattering, Prostate, Breast
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116018 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Skin, Optical coherence tomography, Ultrasonography, Optical fibers, In vivo imaging, Distortion, 3D image processing, Tissue optics, Interfaces, Control systems
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116019 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Breast, Tissues, Tumors, Tissue optics, Absorption, Spectroscopy, Breast cancer, Cancer, Chromophores, Scattering
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116020 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Blood, Optical coherence tomography, Capillaries, Backscatter, Modulation, In vivo imaging, Doppler effect, Blood vessels, Arteries, Double patterning technology
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116021 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Heart, Luminescence, Cameras, 3D image processing, Imaging systems, Biomedical optics, Image processing, Video, Image analysis, 3D acquisition
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116022 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Calibration, Reconstruction algorithms, Image restoration, Optical properties, Absorption, In vivo imaging, Numerical simulations, Optical testing, Diffuse optical tomography, Inverse problems
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116023 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Luminescence, In vivo imaging, Bladder, Photons, Radioisotopes, Optical imaging, In vitro testing, Signal detection, Radio optics, Tissues
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116024 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Liver, Tissues, Second-harmonic generation, Collagen, Microscopy, CARS tomography, Tissue optics, Imaging systems, 3D image processing, Surgery
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116025 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Tissues, Intestine, In vivo imaging, Imaging spectroscopy, Chromophores, Absorption, Microscopes, Objectives, Pulsed laser operation
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116026 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Tumors, Cell death, Photoacoustic imaging, In vivo imaging, Cancer, Tissues, Control systems, Imaging systems, Veins, Luminescence
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 116027 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Speckle, Image registration, Coherence imaging, Signal to noise ratio, Motion models, Optical imaging, Affine motion model, Image quality, Eye
Research Papers: Sensing
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117001 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Cell death, Scattering, Backscatter, Cancer, Scatter measurement, Biomedical optics, Ocean optics, Spectroscopy, Signal processing, Oncology
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117002 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Cell death, Scattering, Backscatter, Signal attenuation, Mie scattering, Solids, Flow cytometry, Scatter measurement, Water, Spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117003 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Translucency, Reflectivity, Skin, Scattering, Point spread functions, Ultraviolet radiation, Micro unmanned aerial vehicles, Reflectometry, Reflection, Absorption
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117004 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Raman spectroscopy, Cervix, Brain-machine interfaces, Cervical cancer, In vivo imaging, Statistical analysis, Infrared spectroscopy, Breast, In vitro testing, Tissues
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117005 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Magnetic resonance imaging, Reflectivity, Luminescence, Rhodamine B, Channel projecting optics, Optical spectroscopy, In vivo imaging, Absorption, Colorectal cancer, Spectroscopy
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 117006 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Blood, Transmittance, Plasma, Artificial intelligence, Light sources, Oxygen, Amplifiers, Absorbance, Particles, Medicine
Research Papers: Therapeutic
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 118001 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Injuries, Tissues, Laser therapeutics, Absorption, Laser tissue interaction, Tissue optics, Natural surfaces, Esophagus, Wavelength tuning, 3D modeling
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 118002 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical fibers, Acoustics, Infrared radiation, Neurons, Tissue optics, Pulsed laser operation, Nerve, Tissues, Ear, Biomedical optics
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 119801 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Biomedical optics, Melanoma, Lymphatic system, Photoacoustic tomography, Medicine, Cancer, Oncology, Pathology, Biomedical engineering, Physics
J. Biomed. Opt. 16(11), 119802 (1 November 2011)
TOPICS: Optical coherence microscopy, Medical research
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